Broman Asia and Broman US

In addition to Broman Group’s ventures in Finland, Sweden and Estonia, the group also has its own purchasing offices in Hong Kong and the USA, allowing us to deliver leading brands to the Finnish, Swedish and Estonian markets.

Broman Group’s great success would not be possible without its international partners. Currently there are over 500 suppliers all around the world producing or selling their products to us, and we are always looking for more valuable partnerships and long-term cooperations to help us grow our business and product assortment.

Private label products to Northern Europe

We believe in simple, open and direct relationships with other international brands and companies. Broman Asia and Broman US are our subsidiaries that deal and buy in the local markets and handle all shipping logistics.

Among our core values are customer orientation and entrepreneurship. We want to improve and develop the products under our private labels and help international companies bring their products to a new market without the usual hassle in international affairs.

Interested in working with us?

Is your product or brand ready for the Nordic market? Would you like to test the Nordic waters? Do you already have European distributors, but would like to gain larger market share by dealing directly? Contact us via the supplier applicant form and start an international journey with us. Visit Broman Asia’s own website here and Broman US’s website here.