Career at Broman Group

The foundation for satisfied customers and a constantly growing company is experienced and competent staff. Broman Group currently employs over 2,000 professionals in many different roles in consumer and business sales, logistics and administration. Regardless of role or site, our employees are known for their customer drivenness and a warm and cheerful attitude.

Interested in working at Broman Group? Read more about us as an employer below.

A successful market leader

Broman Group will be a reliable and growing employer for your career, no matter if you are only kick-starting your career or if you are looking for new challenges and opportunities later in life.

Constant business development

Broman Group is a pioneer in its field and aims to constantly improve its business and expand the knowledge of its employees. The group offers a variety of training opportunities for all employees because a competent staff is one of the keys to our success.

Work-life balance

At Broman Group we do not expect anyone to take their work home or work around the clock. We want to make sure that everyone has enough spare time to do things they love.

Good leadership for everyone

At Broman Group everyone has the right to good leadership. In recent years we have focused on training our managers and leaders in coaching and supportive leadership.

Good teamwork

Teamwork at Broman Group is smooth and free of unnecessary hierarchical processes. The annual employee survey shows that our staff enjoys their work and appreciates the supportive atmosphere in the workplace.

Find our career opportunities and open roles at Broman Group, Motonet, AD Varaosamaailma, Finntest and Broman Logistics in Finland here, in Motonet Sweden here and in Motonet Eesti here.