Motonet is a growing department store chain that specialises in the sale of auto parts and spare parts, tools, and leisure goods. In addition to motorists and bikers, the Motonet offer a large range of products for boaters, fishing enthusiasts and home renovators.

Motonet strives for rewarding and impactful customer relations, high quality products and constant improvement. While Motonet carries globally renowned brands, almost every product category has its own private label, such as Motox for oils and fluids and JahtiJakt for hunting clothing and equipment.

In addition to the wide assortment of products, Motonet offers different services for quick and easy testing, inspection, cleaning, charging and small reparations. Browse the products and read more about Motonet’s services in Finnish, Swedish or Estonian.

Motonet on international waters

The quickly expanding store network extends all the way from Tallinn, Estonia to Rovaniemi in Lapland, Finland and from Joensuu, Finland to Sundsvall, Sweden. Motonet also has an online store that serves customers all over Finland, Sweden and Estonia.

Motonet first expanded to Tallinn in 2016, which was the store chain’s first international adventure. It has been very successful and quickly became an important pitstop for Estonian automotive enthusiasts. Visit Estonia’s webstore here.

In 2023 Motonet expanded to Sweden, where it first launched a webstore and then its first store in Sundsvall quickly thereafter. Sundsvall immediately gained a lot of traffic, which inspired Motonet to look for more possible locations in Sweden. Now Motonet Sweden serves motoring enthusiasts in Sundsvall, Örebro, Västerås and Uumaja. Visit Sweden’s webstore here.