Responsibility at Broman Group

Broman Group is a commercial enterprise with great responsibility in Finnish society. The Association for Finnish Work has granted Broman Group the Key Flag Symbol to represent a service founded in Finland that creates Finnish jobs. Broman Group employs approximately 2,000 people at the moment and has for many years been one of the largest taxpayers in Finland.

The responsible actions of Broman Group have been recognised and awarded several times.

Responsibility is one of Broman Group’s core values. Our values are based on our most important relationships: our employees, customers, partners and the society and environment.


Responsibility over society – supporting a healthy lifestyle and people in need

Broman Group supports many different associations, projects and liaisons every year. We want to promote a sporty, healthy and safe lifestyle while helping those in need. We expect our partners to share the same principles and values as us. We have supported the following associations and projects, among others:

Responsibility over employees – a successful career since the start

Broman Group is a significant Finnish employer that constantly develops its way of operating and builds new careers. The results of our employee survey show us to be better than average in the commerce sector and our employees describe us as dependable, fair and burgeoning.

We train our staff, offer great working conditions, care about our employees’ health and encourage everyone in our team to stay active. Our goal is to be a safe workplace for everyone.

The commerce sector is the first glance into professional life for many young people. We want to be a positive first experience of work and all liabilities and rules of law it entails.


Responsibility over customers – safety and propriety are key

We make responsible and sustainable choices for our customers already when planning our assortment. This lets us indirectly influence the choices consumers make. To us high quality means product safety and responsibility in the supply chain. We handle warranties from a customer’s perspective and make product recalls to ensure full safety of our customers. Many of our products can also be recycled through us when they have reached the end of their lifecycle.


Responsibility over stakeholders – we require responsibility from our partners

It is important for us to work responsibly with our stakeholders and partners. We want to be a dependable partner and we expect our partners to want the same. We make sure that all our work follows the guidelines set by the authorities and we require our partners to do that as well. We always prioritise high quality and sustainably sourced materials in our product assortment and constantly improve our services.


Responsibility over the environment – focus on sustainability in all our property

Our goal is to make all our property energy efficient in an ecological way so that we can work sustainably and protect the environment. Our eco-efficiency has improved significantly with the use of solar energy and ground source heat and cooling. Broman Group produces over a million kilowatt-hours of solar energy a year, which corresponds to the yearly electricity consumption of 50 detached houses. Nearly 100% of the solar energy produced is used internally.

In 2022, Broman Group implemented a large-scale project with various energy saving measures. Read more about it here (available only in Finnish).

Here are some of the latest news about Broman Group as a responsible actor (available in Finnish)

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