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Broman Group
Broman Group Oy is a consolidated company that specializes in the sales of car and motorcycle spare parts and equipment, tools, boating and fishing equipment as well as domestic and leisure products. The origin of the Group dates back to 1965 when Väinö H. Broman founded a store selling motor cars and spare parts in Joensuu. Today, Broman Group employs over 1500 professionals and is one of the leaders in its business in Finland. It serves its clients through two nationwide chains of outlets, Motonet and AD VaraosaMaailma.

Annual report 2017

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Motonet is a steadily growing store chain that specializes in the sale of auto parts and spare parts, tools, and leisure goods. In addition to motorists and bikers, the stores offer a large range of products to boaters, fishing enthusiasts, and home renovators. The quickly expanding store network extends all the way from the capital region to Rovaniemi in Lapland. Motonet also has an online store that serves customers all over Finland. 24-hour shopping from wherever you are is possible through the online store.

AD VaraosaMaailma
AD VaraosaMaailma stores are part of international AD-chain, which includes thousands of spare part stores and car repair shops in many countries. AD VaraosaMaailmas selection covers original spare parts, auto parts, and tools. Each store also has an adjacent AD car repair shop that offers professional repair and installation services. AD VaraosaMaailma is renowned for high quality and expertise, so is hardly surprising that professionals form a significant part of our clientele in both the repair shops and stores.

Broman Logistics
The logistics centre in Hyvinkää has been developed in a determined manner since its establishment. The distribution centre, originally 13,000 square metres in size, has again expanded to new dimensions and now encompasses 43,000 square metres. Broman Logistics is one of Finland’s most efficient distribution centres. The entire staff deserves recognition for their excellent contribution. Broman Group founded Broman Logistics to function as a importer for the group. Broman Logistics has 43 000 sqm of storage space and capability to store 53 000 pallets in Hyvinkää 50 km from Helsinki. Broman Logistics employs over 90 professionals. Overnight shipments (approx. 60 delivery addresses) are made daily to all Motonet and AD VaraosaMaailma stores and independent AD-wholesalers.