Broman Group throughout history

Broman Group took its first steps in Joensuu, Finland in 1965, when kauppaneuvos (Finnish honorary title) Väinö H. Broman founded a store specialising in cars and spare parts. Today it is a consolidated company that consists of two strong department store chains and two large logistic centres that employ over 2,000 professionals in several countries.

From local popularity to international success

Broman Group started as a small store called Pielisensuun Auto Oy that sold Datsun and Dodge cars and spare parts. Although the business was successful, Väinö H. Broman was eager to expand his horizons and put his vast knowledge of cars and motorsports to good use.

When Pielisensuun Auto Oy turned 30 years in 1995, it started importing spare parts and equipment under the auxiliary company name Broman Group. They wanted to sell spare parts and other automotive goods as well as machinery and tools, which led them to buy the department store chain Motonet in 2007.

Since then, Broman Group has continued to grow and expand both in size and market value. It has rapidly become one of the 500 largest Finnish companies and a significant taxpayer in Finland. The group’s main offices are located in Joensuu, Turku and Vantaa, but it also has its own purchasing offices in Hong Kong and the USA.

The almost 60-year-old family business never stops

Broman Group is a family business owned by kauppaneuvos Väinö H. Broman, his two sons Harri and Eero Broman and their children. Harri is the current Chairman of the Board of Directors, and Väinö and Eero are joined by Peter Ahlström, Sanna Suvanto-Harsaae, Jaana Viertola-Truini and Heikki Norta as members of the board.

Despite the successful transformation from a small, local store to a significant industry, changes and decisions are still discussed within the family first before any action is taken. This way the whole family stays truly committed to every decision and plan necessary to achieve their shared goals.

In 2025 the consolidated company turns 60 years old. Broman Group will continue to adapt to the ever-changing automotive industry in a responsible and sustainable way with the help of its employees and partners. Only by being pioneers in the industry and economically significant, can actors such as Broman Group stay as a relevant and trustworthy seller of spare parts. “The one with the best service will always win”, is a quote the group still stands by, as well as their own slogan “Liike ei pysähdy koskaan”, or “Always moving forward”.